Julie Havel Fine Art
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I was a crazy creative kid.  Always experimenting with different materials, building things, gluing them, and finding elements wherever I could to create something out of nothing.  At the age of about 7, I knew I wanted to be an artist.  Fast forward...... I NEVER lost that vision, and here I am today doing the exact same thing.  How grateful I am for my life & the creative spirts that guide me!

Art is my passion & my soul and I continue my journey in my beautiful home located in the foothills of Golden Colorado. I am a self taught artist and I feel that creating art is a continuous flow of inspiration and energy.  As I start with a blank canvas, I often try to recreate patterns, shapes and natural elements using mixed media materials.  I am a practicing yogi for over 18 years, and am often hit by inspiration in meditative states. I am simply a conduit, and I am guided by higher powers with my creativity. 

If I am not painting, you can find me exploring with my two beautiful kiddos, practicing yoga, creating tasty meals, or dancing my heart out.  My essence and soul is creating beautiful art and I travel across the country to share my art with others.  I am so very blessed to be living my life through my creative spirit.

With Gratitude...